Sustainability is good. Regeneration is forever.

Regenerative agriculture can create the next industrial revolution that supports healthy life on earth for all.


Hudson Hemp uses regenerative farming techniques for the betterment of our planet, people, and society. Innovation is learning to work with the intelligence of nature, not against it. When we do this, we wholly benefit.

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  • demonstrate hemp as a solution to global challenges, from climate change to social inequality
  • commit to business practices that have positive outcomes for humanity and nature
  • create resilient regional agricultural economies through supply chains that value the work of farmers
  • stimulate a global discussion on the power of plant science and medicine to solve personal and global health challenges
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Hemp has been grown for millennia as food, fuel, fiber, and medicine—it represents one of the oldest examples of human industry. Since its prohibition in 1937, the U.S. became the world’s largest importer of hemp fabric, seed, and oil. The 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized its production and interstate transport for the first time in over 50 years. America is once again poised to become a leading grower and manufacturer of a multitude of hemp-based products.

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  • provides nutritionally beneficial foods, low carbon dioxide fuels, incredibly strong fiber, medicine
  • prevents soil erosion and works as a natural pest and weed repellent
  • removes soil contaminants and has been used to improve soil conditions successfully in Chernobyl and other hazardous sites
  • can produce as much paper from 1 acre as 2-4 acres of trees, but requires less water
  • will eventually replace all petroleum synthetics and plastics within the next 15 years
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Our farms, Old Mud Creek Farm and Stone House Farm, began in 2013 transitioning to diversified, certified organic, non-GMO operations. We are among the first large farms to make this complete and successful move to regenerative practices wholescale. By doing this, we will prove that land can be valued as an ecological resource while producing viable agricultural yields.


Diversity, equality, and inclusion are ingrained in every aspect of our business. The hemp plant is key to bridging the health of the planet with the health of its people. We are committed to ensuring that these benefits extend to everyone, particularly populations disproportionately singled out, penalized or incarcerated by the War on Drugs over the last 50 years across the U.S.

DEI Statement
  • nurturing authentic relationships with people and communities
  • practicing biodynamic, Indigenous, and traditional agriculture and holistic land stewardship
  • continually listening and learning, to deepening our understanding of our role in evolving the agricultural industry
DEI Statement

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